Utility Token $OPI

Last updated August 2022. Information may be subject to changes.
The utility token is used for in-game purchases of all in-game items, from eggs used for incubating new OpiPets, to the items you use in the game and in battles. The token is earned simply by playing or trading in the OpiPets economy. All player accounts start with a 0 (Zero) balance of OPI. Players will then earn OPI in the game through completing tasks, playing the arcades, PVP or tackling dungeons. Players will be able to withdraw their OPI and sell on DEX's and exchanges. OPI will also function as the utility token for Opis Cloud. OPI Tokenomics Breakdown
Maximum supply: Theoretically infinite.
  • Initial mint: 250,000,000.00 OPI
  • Smart contract: Mints if the amount in the games liquidity pool is too low for the economy to function at an optimal healthy level.
How will this work?
  • Initial mint of 250,000,000.00 OPI will go straight into the game's liquidity pool.
  • The game will need to maintain a liquidity pool with a minimum balance of 50,000,000 OPI.
Transaction fees: All purchases, trades, and bank interactions will have a transaction fee.
  • Transaction fee: 2% across all transactions
  • 0.5% Taken by Opis Group (revenue generating)
  • 0.5% Goes to players staking OPIP or OPI
  • 0.5% Burned to keep inflation under control
  • 0.5% Put back into the liquidity pool