Blockchain-Based Gaming: The New Frontier

With the tremendous success of cryptocurrencies, we believe significant disruption is well overdue within the traditional gaming industry. As a result, blockchain-powered gaming titles that reward gamers for their playing time and give them actual ownership of their digital items are in ascendancy. Our confidence is underpinned by the USD 5.4 million of private investment we have gained for the Opis Group and the development of OpiPets, and our goal is to help bring about this industry-wide change.
Our blockchain-based Play-&-Earn game OpiPets addresses many of the aforementioned issues. For example, in-game achievements, extensive character customisations, unique digital items, and tokenised assets like NFTs are verified on the Blockchain. Our vision is to empower every player to control their in-game digital assets, allowing them to mint and trade these assets at any time. Further, our governance token (OPIP) will provide our community members with the option to buy into the potential upside of OpiPets through token ownership.