Barriers to Entry With Existing Play-to-Earn Titles

Onboarding requirements, translation costs and economic rebalancing efforts designed to control in-game inflation are begging to impact some of the most popular P2E titles ability to attract and retain players.
New players have to follow complicated instructions to get started, from downloading multiple wallets, installing browser extensions, and purchasing tokens through cryptocurrency exchanges, with starting costs as high as USD 400 to USD 7000 before earning a single dollar revenue. As a result, taking the plunge to buy into many of the current play-to-earn gaming titles is high-risk for many new players.
Players also face high gas or transaction fees on some blockchains, such as Ethereum. Recent sidechain solutions mediate some of the cost but still limit the number of free transactions before users are charged.
High starting costs have become such an issue that guilds and scholarship programs Decentralised autonomous organisations (DAOs) that operate in this space have seen much success due to the growing number of players willing to take on debt to gain entry to play-to-earn games.