Reluctantly he tagged along, curious to discover the secrets of ‘Opis I’. A key discovery towards the planet's centre was a valuable resource deep in the world’s core, a power source unlike any other.
The journal notes:
“The Opicore appears to be the beating heart of the digital planet, naturally interpreting data into a variety of lifeforms and ecosystems manifested as ‘Opis I’.”
With the rampant overharvest of the source, he noticed the world starting to change. The biome they were inhabiting became darker due to a visceral imbalance in the world. The opicore was reacting.
In what seemed like an act of self-preservation, the OpiCore created the Cloud Flare - a bright misty exosphere formed around the world. This Cloud Flare protects ‘Opis I’ by blocking anything from entering or leaving ‘Opis I’, sealing off the rift and mutating the settler humans into hybrids, imprisoning them on the planet.
The other researchers and visitors remain on Opis 1 but are no longer united. Many have formed factions and alliances with conflicting agendas serving their benefactors and running territories differently. Many of them have started businesses, stocking shops with items to exchange for their much-desired in-game token, the established currency of Opis I.