Native Species


The most advanced life forms created by Opicore are OpiPets. These entirely digital yet sentient beings are a balanced mix of +ve and -ve charges of OPI - and no two OpiPets are the same. Each OpiPet has its unique characteristics, thoughts and personality.
OpiPets are usually naturally occurring, curious and friendly creatures who enjoy interaction with humans; however, an element of distrust has grown due to the destruction of the genesis biomes caused by the actions of members of the expedition, resulting in the eradication of many OpiPet species.
OpiPets form from excess positive OPI in circulation. However, with human intervention, the core became unsettled, the fissures uncapped, spilling out mass quantities of negative OPI. The hope now is that humans can use new methods to harvest and reinvest the OPI, restore a harmonious ecosystem for OpiPets across the biomes and ultimately rebalance the OpiCore.

Fragmented Creatures

One of the consequences of the cataclysmic event was copious amounts of negative energy being produced, resulting in fragmented creatures different from OpiPets. Composed entirely of -ve OPI, these creatures exist under the surface, within the Labyrinths with no biome to call their own. Fear, isolation and jealousy were fuelling their rage.
They feed destructively on the OpiCore in hopes to become stronger. They grow stronger by defeating the OpiPets and any humans that aid them, dominating the remaining biomes and claiming them for themselves.
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