Doctor Reeholm's OpiPedia

Here is my list of OpiPets and Genesis Pets. It's a work in progress, keep checking back for updates.
Hello there, I'm Doctor Reeholm.
Dr Reeholm 'Opis I' zoologist and OpiPeterinarian (OpiVet)
I came here as a researcher many years ago and I witnessed the tragic events unfold first-hand. My love and passion are for Opamica’s, or OpiPets as you will most likely come to know them. I tried my damnedest to get all of the Genesis Pets to safety with the other scientists when Oparadisus and Opiginem were destroyed, but we lost so many.
Though all the OpiPets I encountered were friendly and wonderful creatures, the ones I encountered in the two genesis biomes were by far the most special. In fact, my companion, who I can only hope is alive after the terrible event, was a genesis OpiPet. They were the first digital beings to exist on Opis I, and have special traits that no other OpiPets possess. After the disaster, they are now incredibly rare.
I’ve been keeping the survivors in my sanctuaries, caring for them but they need human companionship. Once I’ve got them stable, I hope you consider having one. There’s only so much I can do, a new friend could really help them turn a corner.
They are still very sad and unwell, but I am making great progress in rejuvenating them. We have one Genesis Pet ready to display in preparation for the re-homing. Drop by every now and then, I'll be making a list of all the Genesis Pets when they are fit and well. I've also had my camera stolen by a loot Goblin but I have another being delivered. I will also be providing you with information about every species of OpiPet from my OpiPedia.
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