Doctor Choca's Incubation Centre

Hello, I’m Doctor Choca, orginally i'm from Earth like you. Brazil actually but now i'm trapped on 'Opis I' like all the other researchers. Aaaaah! Just, give me a moment. I’ve dropped an egg somewhere. Oh, it’s there.
Doutor Choca
Aha! I'm so clumsy. I ought not to be doing this job with my carelessness, but I love Opamica’s…I mean OpiPets, and I can’t get enough of them aha! It's my job to help you make more of them you know.
Let me show you something. Wait! Ow! Stupid glass! Darn, my luck. I forgot to take that one out of the case in time, and it shattered the glass. You see, when I incubate them, the egg grows to a full-size OpiPet before it hatches. And I’m supposed to take them out of the glass case just before it hatches but…aha…I kind of forgot! Oh, don’t worry, the Rexie is fine.
It’s a shame I need to do it all really. It wasn’t always like this. How much do you know already? That there’s a misbalance of OpiPower, and it’s only producing creatures with negative power right now? That’s right. And until we sort out the imbalance, we need to incubate new OpiPets to fight the bad creatures.
Drop by once you get set up with your remote access. Remember, though, aha! I don’t do this for free, bring me some in-game tokens along with the two pets you get for free, and I’ll get you a new OpiPet.
Oh no. I forgot to empty that case as well! You had better leave!
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