The Opiverse

A breakdown of the lore & story of The Opiverse
In 2008 a former physicist and systems engineer was working on a classified research project on S.I. (Sentient Intelligence) and accidentally opened a rift. After careful examination, he discovered a living digital domain within the Blockchain and named it The Opiverse.
He attempted to investigate ways of accessing this digital domain. Failing to find a method, he shared his findings with 60 other researchers worldwide. Their collective genius and funds from various investment companies created a large hadron collider, which successfully ripped open a rift in our world to allow access to this digital domain.
After much debate, he agreed to lead a group of fellow scientists and bio-technicians on a discovery mission into this computerised universe. Accompanied by a group of mercenaries acting in the interests of the group’s benefactors, they landed on a digital planet they called ‘Opis I’.
Opis I is a dodecahedron shaped world within the Opiverse. It contains twelve distinct biomes; ten active and flourishing, but two are inactive and uninhabitable due to intervention and disruption caused by expedition members.