Play-&-Earn in OpiPets

Let’s get down to brass tacks and talk money and ownership.
Maybe you would help us out of the goodness of your heart, or perhaps you think the game we’ve created sounds fun and you want to play. Either way, we’ve designed OpiPets as a Play to Earn game. And, even better, it’s free.

In-Game Currency

Throughout the game, there are various means to earn in-game tokens. Whether battling, exploring the labyrinths, creating revenue through your own shop or playing the mini-games, the in-game tokens hold real-world value outside of the game itself.

NFT Ownership

As a reward for your help, you can earn in-game tokens, but we also want to provide people with ownership opportunities in OpiPets. Not only can you own the OpiPet, but you can make it utterly unique through customisation. Players can purchase or find items such as wearables, paintbrushes and morphing potions to alter their OpiPet to their satisfaction.
OpiPets will support standard integrations into Wallets commonly used on the Binance BSc Chain. This will include the likes of Metamask and Trust Wallet. Once a user mints their Pet into an NFT and connects their wallet to their OpiPets account, the user’s NFT will be stored in their respective wallet, and they will own their unique OpiPet.

Buying and Selling

The trading post is a large marketplace where players can search for specific items that other players have listed for sale. Anything can be used in trade, from in-game to cosmetics, as long as the price is agreed. For example, a player who has bought a shop and has a steady income of in-game tokens may also wish to purchase battle items to explore new avenues. A player who has found loot in the dungeons may want to sell them for profit. In addition to buying, selling and trading items in-game, players may sell their NFT pets on the open market.