OpiPets Gameplay

In this section we'll break down the gameplay aspects.
'Opis I' needs people like you to restore balance to the digital world in the Opiverse. We have maximised the efforts to fix it by making our game free-to-play and gathering volunteers through a play-to-earn system. You can earn OPI as the in-game currency.
'Opis I' is a dodecahedron shaped world within the Opiverse. It contains twelve distinct biomes; ten active and flourishing, but two inactive and uninhabitable due to intervention and disruption caused by expedition members. Help restore order by navigating the world through Opis Games and interacting with your OpiPets via your chosen web platform.
Choosing Your OpiPets
Genesis pets have had the worst misfortune recently, losing their natural habitat on 'Opis I', and we’re asking people like you to look after them. Every player has two available pet slots and receives two free OpiPets when they join. If the player purchases a pre-sale package with a genesis pet, that pet will fill one of the slots. Your OpiPets will be your companions in the Opiverse, and though you can communicate with them and other beings on 'Opis I', you can’t physically touch anything. Your pets will pick up items and fight other pets or fragmented creatures for you by your command.
Playing the Arcades
The arcades power 'Opis I'. Think of them as a car battery. The digital planet will have power as long as the games are being played often enough. We require all new players to power the battery for a time before picking a path to start earning. But we pay anyone for playing those games; the better you do, the more we pay. . Some of our founding team are still playing the arcades. I have a few high scores myself.
The Arcades are built upon fissures that connect to the core. The power provided harnesses energy within those fissures, and the computer attached to the arcades monitors the positive and negative levels to ensure balance. It’s a friendlier, healthier, and more efficient way of harvesting OPI than the methods of our predecessors. We hope it may be possible to repair the two dead biomes, given enough time, doing things the right way.
Players will be able to play each mini-game an infinite number of times. However, they will only be able to submit three scores per day, per game by default, to receive in-game tokens to maintain the balance levels of OPI within the world. However, this may increase depending on the energy levels.

Choosing Your Path

Once you’ve got enough in-game tokens, you’ll need to pick a direction to start:
Purchase a Shop
You’ll need your sharp wits about you. Buy items from the Opi Stores and stock them in your shops. Set your prices to be competitive. Keep an eye on other shop prices. If you manage your shop well, you could set yourself up with a steady source of income.
Inoculate Your Pet
Minting your pet into an NFT means its stats can never be corrupted. Sure it may be happy or sad and will always need love, but it can never lose battle stats once inoculated. You should be safe if you don’t go into the labyrinth tunnels. We understand that the treasures inside them are very enticing, but we can’t allow you to enter without precautions. Once inoculated, your pets are free to do anything, including battle other pets.
Purchase Eggs for Incubation
Purchase eggs from our stores and use your pets to incubate a new one. Your pets will give the egg some of their stats, and if they’re different species, it will take the form of one of those pets. Make sure you buy good eggs, though.