Hi. I’m Elliot. I work for Opis Games, and we need your help.
"I'm always here to offer a helping hand."
We at Opis Games explore the blockchain for digital lifeforms and turn them into games for people like you. We have discovered a whole universe that needs saving. Right now, we’re recruiting people to help a digital planet named 'Opis I'. Join us. You can earn in-game tokens as you interact with the blockchain world.
Let me explain. One day we received a journal from an unknown source that gave us the information to detect a whole universe living within the blockchain called the Opiverse. We received instructions that showed us how to remotely access a planet within the Opiverse called 'Opis I'. We discovered a world in a lot of trouble. If we hadn't stepped in when we did, the whole planet would have been destroyed. Using our knowledge of the blockchain, we have executed the plans of the journal to the letter and, with our expertise, created a device that allows you to access this planet. You can navigate this world and interact with its occupants with the touch of a screen or the click of a mouse.
Our team quickly encountered the native creatures of 'Opis I' and found that they were incredibly friendly. Along with the OpiPets, we discovered another lifeform on the planet. At first, with their animalistic characteristics, we thought they were types of OpiPets. Later we found we could communicate with them and realised they are part of the original travellers that have somehow morphed into human and animal hybrids. Much to their dismay, they are trapped on 'Opis I'.
Despite their unhappiness, they are willing to work with us for the most part. We are trying to make something unique in this new blockchain world. 'Opis I' is a civilised society booming with business and artistic opportunities. Of course, there’s the arena too for some of you bloodthirsty barbarians. We’ve come a long way already and developed our own 'Opis I' economy. You will mostly deal in in-game tokens, which you can earn by contributing to society. But for those of you who want to call this place home, you can purchase our governance Token and own a piece of 'Opis I'.
The first thing you’ll need is a pair of OpiPets. We’ll supply you with these free on remote arrival. Don’t worry; they’re very friendly. Feel free to hatch more by purchasing eggs with in-game tokens in our shops. You can use our incubator to make more. Treat your pets well, and they will help you in whatever tasks you want to undergo in the Opiverse. I have been connected with Sparky since I remotely arrived on 'Opis I', and I wouldn’t trade it for any price. So please don’t bother asking me!
One last thing, those who aren’t of fighting nature, avoid the tunnels…it’s no big deal, but if you don’t mind getting your hands dirty, we’ll pay you too…erm…take care of a few problems we’re having. Make sure you inoculate your pets first by minting them into NFTs. It’s nothing to worry about…I hope. See Rodrigo to learn more, he has a challenge for you.