Customise Your OpiPet

Create the most unique and personalisable NFTs imaginable! With 60 unique hand-drawn OpiPets that can be altered with thousands of skins, textures, colours and over 25,000 wearables, there are millions of variations available to create an OpiPet as unique as you are!

We tasked some of our team to make their silliest, wackiest creations with some of the pets, skins and items. Here's what they came up with:

Rexie with a Rock Skin, Gold Angel Wings, Golden Axe, and Gold Winged Armour & Crown.
Tigrent with Pirate Hat, Pirate Eye Patch, Hatchet, Silver Winged Bracelet,and Blue Seaweed Wings.
Trimaw with a Sour Gummy Worm Skin, Lumberjack Hat, Moustache, Checkered Scarf, Brown Bat Wings, Hatchet and Plant Pot Spiked Glove.


Thousands of items have been created by our talented artists for you to find in the Opiverse. From deadly and terrifying swords & axes, to something as silly as a water pistol or cupcake launcher! There's a weapon for everyone in OpiPets.
Jade Dagger from the Jaded Penninsula. It glimmers brightly blinding opponents when light hits it.
Cupcake Launcher from the Frosted Isles. These delicious treats can deal some sweet damage to your opponents.
Pterodagger found on the islands of the Airchipelago. Shaped like an ancient, extinct OpiPets' head.
Lunar Staff found at the bottom of Shimmering Lake. Lost for 100's of years, it has the ability to turn the tides of battle.
The One Knife forged in secret in the fires of Mount Boothimus, said to contain mysterious magical powers.
Heavy Ornate Axe found with buried treasure in plunderers bay. Due to it's expensive looks, it was probably buried by a pirate saving their loot!
Blockchain Pickaxe found deep in the Twisted Caverns. I'm sure i've seen this somewhere before.
Balloon Sword crafted by one of Lexitopias' finest swordsmiths. What will pop first, the sword, or the opponent?


Alongside the amazing weapons, there's plenty of armour for you to find in the Opiverse. From sturdy chestplates, beautiful ornate robes and even space suits! You'll always be well defended in battle in the OpiPets.
Polished Pink Chestplate found in the Frosted Isles it's gleaming pink cover is said to be a stain from the strawberry frosting that covers most of the land.
Ornate Feathered Cape crafted in the Blackwood Forest by a mysterious traveler using jewels and feathers they found deep in the forest.
Jade Shield made from using the glimmering stones of the Jaded Penninsula.
Brown Armoured Boots used by adventurers traversing all across Opis I, especially the uneven grounds of the Twisted Caverns.
Thorned Shoulder Pads originally created in Needlethorn Valley using the thorns that cover the vast landscape. Put on carefully!
Horned Helmet from Lexitopia, perfect to protect the skull, and useful to headbutt opponents.
Spiked Gauntlets from Needlethorn Valley, a personal favourite of Cactys all across Opis I.
Pirates Shield from Plunderers Bay, found on a ship along side cutlasses and cannons. Who knew Opis I had pirates?
Space Suit is for sale all over Opis I for those who want to explore more, there's an entire Opiverse out there after all.

Cosmetic Wearables

Don't feel like fighting all the time? Don't worry, our artists have you covered! Not only are all the weapons and armour available as cosmetic wearable items. There are thousands of other wearable items to dress your OpiPet.
Red Wooly Hat
Roller Skates
White Floral Skirt
90's Style Raver Jacket
Cosy Warm Jumper
Tomato Glasses
Fake Suit T-Shirt
Orange Princess Party Hat
Purple Fance Boots
Black Skull Hoodie
Black Zip-Up Hoodie


On top of all the amazing items you can equip your OpiPets with, there are hundreds of stunning skins available in the game. Want to improve the look of your OpiPet? Equip a skin! It's that simple.
Trimaw Bubble Skin (Click me)
Novac Comic Skin
Delonix Cosmic Skin
Cacty Skeleton Skin
Psyfiz Water Skin
Sparks Tron Skin
Drakti Robot Skin
Zorbitt Lava Skin
Tigrent Storm SKin