OpiPets - Whitepaper

The Official Whitepaper of OpiPets. Last updated December 2022
OpiPets is a free-to-play, Play-&-Earn economy-based, pet battling game that rewards players with cryptocurrency and the ability to create, battle, collect or sell their unique OpiPet NFTs. We emphasise gameplay first, then enable the community to participate in player-driven markets and shops that facilitate the sale of in-game items. Players can begin trying to build their wealth by exploring the various avenues to earn our in-game token without spending any money.
OpiPets offers traditional aspects of P2E gaming, such as PvP ranked leaderboards, mini-games, NFT minting, cryptocurrency as in-game points, and breeding mechanics. In addition, we have developed unique features and benefits designed to improve the play-and-earn experience for our community.
Last modified 5mo ago